Booth Welsh and XpertRule (XR) today announced a partnership that will help organisations reduce their carbon footprint and tackle the toughest climate change problems through the enablement of intelligent manufacturing. The partnership will see Booth Welsh leverage XpertFactory software to transform manufacturing operations by making it easy to digitally capture, streamline and audit the decision-making process leading to greater overall efficiencies and effectiveness. These joint capabilities will empower companies to improve quality of goods, increase uptime and operational efficiency while complying with environmental regulations such as Net Zero. 

“Partnering with Booth Welsh extends the reach of XpertFactory by making it an integral part of a broader solution that automates the entire manufacturing process and supply chain,” says Iain Crosley, Intelligent Manufacturing lead at XpertRule. “We’ve incorporated multiple AI capabilities to digitally capture human expertise and apply machine learning from data to automate and improve any manufacturing process. Together we’re working to transform the manufacturing sector through better utilisation of the 5Ps—people, plant processes and products to drive better profits. We are now ready to add one more “P”—for planet and sustainability.” 

Leveraging XpertFactory software, companies can modernise and optimise resources while supporting the transition to Net Zero. The software transforms plant manufacturing by making it easy to digitally capture, streamline and audit the decision-making processes leading to greater overall efficiencies and effectiveness. It can also proactively detect and respond to events, which improves the quality and yield of manufacturing, while leading to better overall equipment effectiveness.  

Hugh Welsh, Booth Welsh Engineering Director comments, “this is a new exciting partnership which aligns with Environment 4.0, a Booth Welsh initiative that showcases how emerging technology can deliver tangible results in efficiency, performance, mitigation, and waste reduction, while also delivering a positive impact on profitability. Both companies see Environment 4.0 as a key catalyst in the transition to more sustainable business operations. Collaborating with carefully selected technology partners is key for us to embrace the next generation of manufacturing automation capabilities making it possible to enhance production efficiencies and Net Zero targets in a practical way. 

XpertFactory is the first vertical solution from the company’s no code “intelligent digital decision-making and human interaction engine”. This solution amplifies the impact automation projects can have within an organisation because every workflow decision can be automated, tracked, audited and modified. The end-result is customers gain a deeper understanding of their workflow and manufacturing processes which can be acted upon to drive greater operational efficiencies.   

It is critical for businesses to zone in on their sustainability efforts and Booth Welsh are here to help. To find out more about how our Environment 4.0 services can support your Net Zero journey, get in touch with our team at