Booth Welsh embeds digital technology throughout the complete lifecycle of our client's projects and collaborations.

Companies have an increasing need to retain the knowledge and skills built up within their staff and teams over the years.Booth Welsh have developed an innovative approach to address these issues focusing on remote training & upskilling of staff, and remote support for technicians or operatives carrying out activities in the field, using digitalisation technologies such as Augmented & Virtual Reality.From early engagement through to project commissioning and hand over, our products and services allow our clients to be ‘Digitally Ready’ and significantly improve productivity and workforce effectiveness.

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Environment 4.0

With the hit of the Covid Pandemic in early 2020 and the global focus on sustainable operations to protect our planet means we are looking at the reshaping of our world as we know it. The ongoing evolution of digitalisation has already significantly disrupted almost everything we do and there is a continual need for us to adapt and change with the times.To reflect the worldwide focus on sustainability and ahead of the upcoming COP26 event in Glasgow, Booth Welsh has recently launched its Environment 4.0 initiative as an extension of its technology offering.

The UN Sustainability Goals have been developed as a blueprint to a better and more sustainable future for all. They are becoming key drivers of both global governments and business strategy today with many new legislations starting to come into play i.e. Net Zero and energy / waste reduction expectation etc. This drive for tougher environmental regulations, mandates, and compliance standards is not necessarily concerned about your bottom line. But who says there must be a trade-off between addressing the environment and delivering measurable business results?

Enter Environment 4.0. Emerging digital technologies provide a world of possibilities to fully align both your business and environmental goals. Booth Welsh and iTech have outlined pillars of Environment 4.0, including the technology and tools that are currently delivering real results in efficiency, performance, mitigation, and waste reduction, while also delivering a positive impact on profitability.

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Early VisualisationModelling & Training

Early use of VR technology allows us to help clients visualise their project by modelling the solution.

More recently we have employed engineers from different digital backgrounds, such as the gaming industry, to allow us to do this effectively. These digital models now allow us to present a digital twin of the client’s project upon completion.

Development of mixed reality (AR & VR) technology to deliver training modules & work instructions by superimposing live contextual information in a real-world environment.

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Continual Plant Insights

Converging AR technology and experience from the gaming world with our intrinsic knowledge of digitalisation, we have developed a solution to meet the challenges of today’s businesses.By using AR technology and data formats such as QR codes, we can now locate digital windows in the design stages which are continuously populated as we develop the design further.

These QR codes become invaluable when testing and commissioning field equipment and link every device to the correct drawing, specification and test documentation therefore allowing for 30% faster commissioning rate.

Furthermore, we can provide our clients with the ability to directly link their maintenance and production operations to the correct data sheets and manufacturers information delivering on demand contextual process insights.

Mobile, paperless and traceable work instructions create an environment to reduce risk and allow a right-firsttime approach which can be retained across the entire life cycle long after a plant’s operational life has expired.

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Remote Support

Our digitalisation technology allows you to digitally have the expert by your side for intelligent fault finding and collaborative working with live shared information anywhere in the world at any time.

Using the ‘Hololens’ and an enabled wireless internet connection, full AR video calling can be utilised linking the engineer in the field to an expert located anywhere in the world. A 3-way video call can also be set up to bring in an OEM or consultant to deal with any equipment issues or where specialist technical support is required. Documents such as O&M manuals, data sheets, forms, procedures or even photo or video content, can be shared with the AR device during the 2 or 3-way video call

The functionality of the AR-enabled smart glasses can also be deployed as a remote training tool for new staff or personnel who may require a refresh on a procedure or application, or for training & upskilling of current staff.

The immediate benefits of deploying the above AR remote support & training system are:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity of the field operator or technician.
  • Reduced downtime or maintenance periods
  • Training & upskilling of staff
  • Significant cost & time savings by not having to wait for the ‘expert’ to travel long distances to get to site.
  • Safety improvements – guided troubleshooting, operational or maintenance activities
  • Environmental benefits – no need for flights or car journeys
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