Who says there must be a trade-off between addressing the Environment and delivering measurable business results? Enter Environment 4.0.

Booth Welsh and it’s company brand iTech have collaborated to coin the term ‘Environment 4.0… This is an extension of their technology offering to show businesses the opportunities in using emerging technology to deliver tangible results in efficiency, performance, mitigation, and waste reduction, whilst also delivering a positive impact on profitability.

Post-pandemic, businesses are looking for new ways to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. With Environmental awareness being at the forefront of discussions as we see businesses align to UN sustainability goals, introduce new legislation such as Net Zero and global events such as COP26, we believe Environment 4.0 will support in the transition to sustainable business.

Both Booth Welsh and iTech have been working with Industry 4.0 technologies over the last 4 years and believe technology has a key role in developing solutions for current environmental challenges and will provide businesses with long-lasting solutions and tools to mitigate emissions, save energy, resources, money, time, and wastage. Alongside the defined pillars of Industry 4.0, the companies believe we are now starting to see the emerging pillars of Environment 4.0 which utilise several cost-effective market technologies including industrial internet of things devices, Robots & Cobots as well as remote site support utilising immersive reality tools.

Booth Welsh Head of Business Development, Chris McComb, comments,

“Now is the ideal time for businesses to invest in the future with Environment 4.0. Launching our latest service offering at the SMAS Conference was exciting and well-received by businesses. With opportunities for significant ROI and funding, there is a strong incentive to focus on the environmental goals. As we know Glasgow will be on the global stage later this year with COP26 and this too brings new opportunities and growth for industry.”

Booth Welsh and iTech recently presented the launch of their Environment 4.0 technologies at the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) Conference this week. Hundreds of Scottish manufacturing businesses attended the virtual event to hear inspiring keynotes, company stories and support available to help the manufacturing industry in Scotland build back better post-pandemic.

For more information, please reach out to our team via webenquiries@boothwelsh.co.uk or visit our LinkedIn page.