Booth Welsh have been on a journey working towards Net Zero for a number of years, and as part of this journey, the business is investing in its people, encouraging them to take the lead on future-focused initiatives, projects and technologies in order to achieve our goals.

Here, our Head of Technology and Digitalisation, Andy Brittan*, discusses the latest technology and service offerings from Booth Welsh and his role in driving net zero manufacturing.

Last week Booth Welsh attended PharmaTech Integrates Exhibition & Conference 2023, hosted at the impressive NMIS and MMIC facilities in Inchinnan, Glasgow.

We exhibited at the event, showcasing our latest technology and services that have been developed to align with our goal of Net Zero, and support our clients in their journey to achieving a more sustainable future.

I also participated in a panel discussion entitled ‘Manufacturing as a Key to Net Zero’ looking at how manufacturing technologies can deliver a sustainable future.

As an engineering technology company with a sector portfolio consisting of over 55% from the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry, a remarkable 34 years of experience in process control and automation, and a dedicated team of over 330 professionals, we are uniquely positioned to assist and support this industry in achieving their Net Zero ambitions.

The important part to note here is that there is no silver bullet to achieve Net Zero, there are only intelligent actions and practices.

Measurement and control are some of our core skills, we’ve been doing it for years now. So, it was a bit surprising when we started out on our Net Zero journey only to find we were not in control of or energy measurement and carbon impact.

But, as engineers, we love a good problem. How do you manage what you don’t measure? We have so many processes new and old but what do we focus on? Is the data good enough?

These questions gave us the drive to utilise a cross section of our team, from graduates to directors, in the Fuel Change sustainability programme to engage our workforce and develop innovations to improve and then change our usage for the better.

From this collaborative teamwork, we were able to develop an in-house Energy Monitoring Dashboard that enables us to effectively monitor, analyse, and optimise our energy usage. Through our own implementation, we achieved remarkable savings of around 20% by diligently measuring, visualising, and analysing our energy consumption data. This provided us with valuable insights, allowing us to identify and address areas of inefficiency.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, embracing digital transformation projects like this, empowers manufacturers to make informed decisions. By taking control of energy costs and working towards emissions targets, organisations can contribute to their journey towards achieving Net Zero.

I’m pleased to say that not only do we have a stronger handle on our office’s energy usage, but we have developed this into both small- and large-scale Energy Monitoring projects, recently delivering a collaborative project in partnership with NMIS. The digital transformation project involved the energy and environmental monitoring of 73 machines, including new and legacy equipment, within the Advanced Forming Research Centre and the Digital Factory. All energy and environmental data is then brought back to one shared platform for data dashboarding and analysis.

Our progress in this area was made possible by harnessing not only our industrial expertise but also the collective knowledge and talents of our dedicated staff and our network of clients. In essence, it was not just intelligent engineering that drove our success; it was the power of collaboration that provided the missing piece to the puzzle, and, importantly, it now enables us to assist others on their journey toward the same goal.

Our mission statement reads ‘Through Collaboration, We Engineer a Better Future’, and embracing Net Zero has been a natural business decision as our core business is the measurement of processes and systems to maximise efficiency, profitability, and planet positive outcomes for our clients. By actively measuring and managing emissions while eliminating carbon from your business operations, you not only enhance efficiency and resilience but also create a win-win scenario for your business and the planet.

We strongly believe in collaboration over competition and are open to sharing our experience and best practice. To find out more about how Booth Welsh can support in your Net Zero journey, contact our team today.


 Andy Brittan – Head of Technology and Digitalisation

*Andy is an accomplished and forward-thinking engineering lead with a passion for advancing manufacturing technologies towards a sustainable future. With a strong foundation in mechatronics and control systems engineering, Andy has honed his skills in various facets of the industry, positioning himself as a leading voice in the drive for net-zero manufacturing. He heads up the technology and digitalisation department at Booth Welsh and has played a pivotal role in spearheading the development of the Booth Welsh Environment 4.0 offering, an initiative which enables organisations to harness technology to achieve their sustainability objectives without compromising on their people, planet, and profit goals. With first-hand technical experience, Andy will provide invaluable insights into the specific requirements needed to drive sustainable manufacturing practices forward in the life and chemical sciences industry.