Siemens Approves Booth Welsh as First UK Partner for Innovative Process Control Technology Platform

Booth Welsh is pleased to announce it has been selected to be one of the first approved partners in the UK to provide Siemens’ cutting-edge process control technology platform, Simatic PCS neo. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to digital transformation and reinforces its dedication to engineering a better future through collaboration. 

The Simatic PCS neo is a revolutionary solution that empowers engineers and operators to optimise process plants within a secure and intuitive web-based environment. By leveraging a state-of-the-art user interface, our clients can seamlessly manage operations and drive productivity like never before.  The system also enables both engineering and operations to be conducted effortlessly through an intuitive user interface, accessible from any web browser and device. This means that process plant development and operation can occur remotely, enabling enhanced collaboration, productivity, and security for manufacturers, crucial in today’s ever-changing world.  

Being part of Siemens’ global ecosystem for Simatic PCS neo alongside ten other esteemed suppliers, including many of the UK’s industry giants, is an accolade the business is very proud of. This collaboration allows Booth Welsh to harness the full potential of this advanced process control solution and extend its benefits to valued customers across various sectors, including life & chemical sciences, chemicals, and food and beverage. 

Hugh Welsh

Hugh Welsh, engineering director at Booth Welsh, said:

“We have worked successfully with Siemens in the UK for over 20 years delivering Simatic PCS7 across all of the process industries. In recent years digitalisation has become a key strategic driver and the adoption of PCS Neo is a natural step for our development as a Siemens Partner.  Our mission at Booth Welsh is ‘through collaboration we engineer a better future’ and I look forward to us working closely with Siemens and partners on this innovative process control technology to meet this vision.”

Steve Leech, business manager – Process Control Systems at Siemens UK and Ireland, said:  

“Simatic PCS neo is the latest in completely web-based process control technology.  As a long-term partner of Siemens, working side by side for over two decades, Booth Welsh demonstrates an intimate understanding of the firms operating from pharmaceutical to petrochemical. It is this knowledge and our history of collaboration that make them a natural candidate to become our first UK partner for the solution.”

Steve Leech
Siemens Approves Booth Welsh as First UK Partner for Innovative Process Control Technology Platform

Booth Welsh is committed to staying at the forefront of sustainable digital transformation, and this partnership with Siemens exemplifies Booth Welsh’s commitment to providing clients with cutting-edge technologies.

Booth Welsh will also play host to the Digital Process Manufacturing Technology Centre (DPMC), a unique digital demonstration centre which aims to accelerate the adoption of digital technology within process industries, to help transform skills, productivity, innovation, and cut energy costs to achieve Net Zero targets. A collaboration across government, academia and industry, this new centre will further enhance the company’s position at the centre of digital process technology deployment.

Full press release from Siemens here: Siemens approves first UK partner for latest process control technology platform

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