“Collaboration for a Brighter Future: Embracing Progress, Not Perfection”

Reflecting on what was another fantastic event organised by CeeD (Centre for Engineering, Education & Development), we were nominated as a finalist in the Transformational Change Education and Skills category.  

In 2023 Booth Welsh overcame its biggest challenge in 34 years of business, with the unexpected demise of our parent company. We had to transform quickly, achieve a Management Buy Out in only 10 weeks, and take the next critical step of separating from the global business. This accelerated the need to select and rapidly deploy a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system used to manage daily business activities such as accounting, procurement, project and risk management. This process involved the training and upskilling of staff in parallel with deploying the new digital system, which we achieved in a record time of just 8 weeks.  This story was the basis of our submission.  

However, the standard of nominations was very high. It was great to see Babcock being recognised for addressing the skills shortage in the shipbuilding industry, recruiting 140 employees for transformational roles.

While we were disappointed not to win this award, it did make me pause to reflect on our own journey over the last few years. There is no question that winning awards gives us all a lift.

But it is also important to celebrate the journey’s we are taking towards a resilient, sustainable, and brighter future for all. It was great to see lots of success stories like this on the night. (Fortunately, as a founding member of the Net Zero Nation ecosystem who won the Net Zero Heroes award, we were pleased to share in some of that success).


Pictured is Co-founder and CEO Gavin Tweedie receiving the Net Zero heroes award on behalf of the Net Zero Nation Ecosystem from Chris Stark, CEO of the committee on climate change.

As a business who has pivoted several times from being a family business in the early 90’s, to a successful management-owned business working internationally, Booth Welsh has always taken a keen interest in the community, the welfare of our staff and the environment. Historically, we didn’t think of it as social value or record it in the same way as others, but none the less, it is something that is one of our principal business values. Today, we have a Social Value and Net Zero strategy because:

  • It’s the right thing to do
  • Our clients expect it
  • Our employees expect it
  • Our community has come to expect it of us.

Upholding these values has helped us to create deep trusted relationships with our clients and our stakeholders, some of which have been working with us now for over three decades.

Over the last three years, we have taken part in dozens of events around the UK to promote Net Zero as a business opportunity and it has inspired over 100 companies to start their Net Zero journey as a result. This is something which we are especially proud of and intend to continue helping our customers and the wider business community to lead a sustainable transition towards a low carbon future.  Everyone has to do their bit. By helping, guiding, supporting, we will build the confidence and strive for the changes and innovations needed to build a more people and planet positive future.

Our experience, while not crowned with an award this time, reinforces the belief that success is not solely defined by victories but by the progress and impact we make. In fact, at a recent excellent roundtable session hosted by Connect Three with other business leaders, we spoke about “progress not perfection” and to see this as our ‘Future License to Operate’. This is the idea of paying forward and leaving a legacy that not only ensures our business’s sustainability but also contributes positively to the community and environment around us. It’s about making meaningful advancements that pave the way for future generations, ensuring that our actions today lay a foundation for a more sustainable and responsible tomorrow.

Here is a link to some of our impactful strategies in 2023 in our Social Value Impact Report – Booth Welsh Impact Report 2023 by BoothWelsh1 – Issuu

Martin Welsh 


Below, as a founding member, Booth Welsh celebrate the Net Zero Heroes awarded to the Net Zero Nation Ecosystem. Reflecting on entering their third year on their Net Zero journey with Net Zero Nation