The Background.

Two switchrooms, pumps and instrumentation within an operating tank farm, installed 30+ years ago, needed replaced to meet current Health and Safety standards

BW were engaged to carry out a FEED and Detailed Engineering for new switchroom to replace the existing outdated switchrooms, to replace pumps and instruments within the tank farm and to transfer electrical and instrumentation supplies to the new switchrooms.

The Client

Large multi-national company producing Vitamins and food/feed additives. Large manufacturing site in Scotland and one of the largest producers in the world.

The Solution

1. New Electrical Switchroom and Instrument Room  

Booth Welsh engineers carried out the project, covering a full range of disciplines. The new Electrical Switchroom and Instrument room required modern GRP construction and a new Motor Control Centre (MCC) for all tank farm electrical requirements. New 11kV supply cabling was installed with civil and structural design was carried out to bring the new supply cabling in from under the road into the building 

The tank farm refurbishment included new supply cables to all tank farm drives, the design of new power & control cabling and containment and a full upgrade to the tank farm lighting.  


2. Instrument Replacement  

Booth Welsh designed and built 8 Remote IO panels, designed new cabling and containment and upgraded the instruments to a Remote IO solution. 


3. Pump Replacement  

Booth Welsh carried out multi-discipline design solutions for the pump replacements. Process engineering was required to size replacement pumps to meet current duties and mechanical engineering was used to specify and procure over 30 new pumps. Civil design was also used for new pump plinths and piping design for new pump pipework.  


The Benefits.

Modern switchroom to current standards

Remote I/O solution for instruments – reduced , infrastructure. Easier Install Easier to manage changes

Improved pump operating efficiency and power savings

Number 4 encased in dark blue hexagon

Flexible design so the client can choose the best way for installing the project