The Background.

Booth Welsh (BW) recently carried out their first ever Remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) using Augmented Reality (AR) technology for a client in the whisky industry.  Due to the restrictions in place with the current COVID-19 pandemic, there are several obstacles to overcome to carry out projects safely.

In this case, the project scope encompassed several requirements including specifying, procuring, and installing process instrumentation which were delivered directly to the client site. The scope also involved the design and build of several control panels to integrate with the site’s Distributed Control System (DCS) network. The client was unable to attend Booth Welsh HQ in person to carry out the FAT of the panels.

The Solution.

To overcome the travel restrictions, Booth Welsh adapted their own remote support Augmented Reality (AR) solution, using The HoloLens 2 headset, to ‘live’ stream the FAT to the client via MS Teams. The FAT was also recorded via the HoloLens 2 unit so that it could later be sent on to the client.

Booth Welsh have been developing digital solutions for our industry clients for some time now, including AR & VR systems, as part of their R&D activities in the Digitalisation space to develop new and novel solutions to add value to  our client's business. This has involved intense collaboration with our own staff, clients, industry partners, and academia.Factory Acceptance Testing requires at least 2 persons to carry out the procedure. A Booth Welsh Engineer, Designer or Test Technician, and a witness from the client’s side. On this occasion, the client authorised BW to provide a witness on their behalf and the full, 3-panel test was ‘live’ streamed to show everything from visual inspection to the design drawings, through to power up & voltage tests. A recording of the remote FAT was sent on to the client so they could share with the project team. This was the first time Booth Welsh (and the client) had completed a Remote FAT but, with thanks to technology, and BW’s inherent expertise in the development of industrial digital platforms, a solution was developed quickly and cost-effectively that benefited both the client and the BW team,  but most importantly kept everyone safe. To view the highlights from the Remote FAT, click here:

The Benefits.

Client was not required to travel to Head Office to carry out the FAT, saving both time and money.

As the Remote FAT was recorded, the client has the opportunity to review the footage as much as is necessary and show their wider teams who may not have been available when the original FAT was carried out.

Both client and Booth Welsh team could continue working in safe conditions during COVID-19 pandemic.