The Background.

Following a few years of delivering EC&I solutions in the 1990’s for the client on small design & build projects, Booth Welsh (BW) were successful in securing a professional services framework for the provision of full multi-discipline engineering & design services on small to medium size projectsThis has evolved over the last few years to include the delivery of large CAPEX projects up to the value of £10M. 

The Professional Services Contract (PSC) started with a small engineering team of 5 to 10 people, reaching a peak of 40 to 50 multi-discipline engineers in 2017The team are based full time on site and are supported by our experienced engineering team at our Head Office in Irvine. This is a fully managed service contract.  

Other services supplied within the contract include engineering consultancy, technical support, and recruitment. This PSC is a great example of a long-term client relationship established through a proven safety record and provision of services consistently delivering quality, compliance, and value for money. 

The Client

Our client operates within the fine chemicals sector and is the largest vitamin ingredient manufacturer globallyBooth Welsh have a long and established working relationship with our client’s bulk manufacturing site in Ayrshire. 

The Solution.

Our site-based multi-discipline engineering team is led by a full-time manager who acts as the single point of contact for the client. Our site manager also has regular contact with the BW Engineering Manager where they consistently review workload, resources, and future projects. Monthly meetings are held with the client’s senior project team to review site priorities and conduct a six month look-ahead.  

The disciplines covered within the site team include: Process Engineering, Mechanical & Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation, and Control System engineers, all supported by multi-discipline DesignersCAD operators and Document Control. Where there are short-term peaks on projects, we supplement the site team with the provision of ad-hoc engineering support from Head Office. Our experienced in-house technical recruitment team also have access to a wide pool of external resources to help address any spikes in workload. 


Throughout the term of the PSCwe have also provided specialist services such as: Engineering Consultancy, e.g. HAZOP Chairs / Process & Functional Safety Experts & Practitioners; Site Technical Authorities (E&I, M&P); acting M&E Site Engineers (to backfill instances where the client’s staff have moved on); HV Authorized Engineers (to compose switching programs and operate the client’s HV network); Project Managers; and Engineering Maintenance support roles, e.g. repair co-ordinators. 

Our trade teams support site maintenance and project E&I installation activities via a separate E&I contract. These teams work very closely with the site-based engineering & design teams to offer a fully integrated approach to project delivery. This early engagement enables challenges to be resolved quickly and projects to be executed expediently.  

Over the last two years Booth Welsh have invested in the development of digital technology and Industry 4.0 solutions through a period of intense collaboration with our own staff, academic partners, and industry clients. This covers emerging technologies such as Remote Support & Supervision using Augmented Reality (AR)and the creation of Virtual Reality (VR) 3D models for training & upskilling of staffWe have given our client full access to our Digital team to explore the development of future use cases to make their site operations more efficient & productive. 

The Benefits.

A fully managed service contract with flexibility built in.

Clear escalation routes on Technical & HR Issues.

Substitution capability, depth of resource pool.

Number 4 encased in dark blue hexagon

Granulation of resources to support task in hand.

Head Office technical support for client & BW site team (only short drive away).

Flexibility to man-up & down to meet project demands.

Certainty of costs, best people @ best value.

Building a team for the Digital future.