The Background.

Every business can now deploy business critical sensing & monitoring systems to manage the health of their assets in a cost-effective manner, helping the environment. 

The Client:

Our client operates a number of offshore wind turbines 

The Solution.

Booth Welsh have designed a system of wired & wireless sensors coupled to various components of the turbine. In doing this the client will be able to monitor rotation and vibration, pull business critical data and receive advance warning of any fault(s). 

The Benefits.

 The system enables the client to receive real-time quality data with ease. As the sensors can be linked to a complete ecosystem (e.g. via a local dashboard/SCADA/Control System/Cloud), this allows for predictive and prescriptive maintenance strategies to be deployed, increasing uptime and providing considerable cost savings e.g. a saving of >£100k opportunity losses per day. 

>4 months of lost generation

>£100k income saved per day

>500 offshore man hours saved 

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< 6 months ROI