The Background.

The client has a vast amount of installed automation at varying stages of its lifecycle.

This equipment has been poorly recorded and maintained over the past 20-30 years and a country wide audit was required prior to the next invest cycle to categorise and plan subsequent works for the most vulnerable sites.

The Client: Scottish Water

The client is a major player within the Utilities industry, providing water and sewerage services across Scotland.

The Solution.

iTech was selected to carry out a proportion of the audits with specific focus on:

  • Providing an engineer on site to survey the control systems all as per Scottish Water’s new control strategy.
  • To assess the requirement to replace/upgrade old, obsolete, and unsupported control system equipment (SCADA, PLC, HMI, Industrial Network, Cyber Security, UPS & Industrial PCs) during 2021-2027.

The driver behind this stems from the necessity to mitigate risks to operational processes, resulting from the following:

  • Poor reliability
  • Control systems downtime implications in the event of software / hardware failure
  • Security vulnerabilities and concerns from the threat of cyberattacks

A comprehensive report was delivered for each site, detailing each equipment area, it’s physical condition, safety, security, obsolescence and an overall strategy to improve the overall condition and lifecycle of each facility.

The Benefits.

Client equipment and most vulnerable sites are now fully optimised and up to date

Safety of workplace increased

Reduced site downtime