The Background.

Wiresaw machines are used in the semiconductor industry and are used to slice​ silicon into more commonly known silicon wafers. ​

This project was an upgrade carried out due to the lack of availability of spare parts and a reduction in reliability and performance. The machine manufacturers had ceased trading so there was no support or assistance available.

The Client:

Our client is the global leader in supporting the European Semiconductor Market.

The Solution.

The upgrade consisted of replacing the 9 axes servo drive system (Simodrive) with the newer Siemens S120 servo control system with CU320 and D435 control modules.

The existing Siemens S5 PLC was replaced with an S7-300 PLC in conjunction with a comfort panel (HMI) for easier machine operation. An additional WinCC SCADA system was installed to integrate a new recipe system and allow better monitoring and recording of the process variables during the machine operation.

iTech carried out all aspects of the upgrade, from sourcing new mechanics (for motors and drive modules), modifying the electrical design and supervising electrical contractors to install and wire the new components. Redesign Software for the new PLC, HMI and SCADA drives system and commission the project.

The Benefits.

Fully optimised machine operations as a result of the successful upgrade.

The typical upgrade time per machine took less than 4 weeks.