The Background.

Following a period of collaboration with our Digitalisation team, our client identified some safety related, hazardous site operational activities that they wanted to replicate virtually as part of a training package. These activities are carried out on a weekly basis as part of the site production process, and the only opportunity they get to train staff on these procedures is out on site on the ‘live’ process. This introduces obvious safety implications. As such, Booth Welsh were asked to create a Virtual Reality training pack for one of the operational procedures.

The Client

Life & Chemical Sciences

The Solution.

We created a full digital twin of the Hazardous site operation including the process plant equipment, housing, and tools required. The digital twin was then enhanced by embedding various SMARTs into the model to make it as realistic as possible, resulting in a full & comprehensive VR training package for the site operations team.

The Benefits.

The site team were able to perform detailed training on a hazardous site activity in a safe environment with no risk to personnel or plant. This introduced significant cost & time savings to the process, a right-first-time approach, and increased the plant & process uptime.

  • Safety conscious training and upskilling

  • Right first-time approach

  • Increased plant uptime

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  • <1 months ROI