The Background.

Our client selected Booth Welsh to carry out the required design and build activities required to allow rum operations to be implemented at one of the clients’ main facilities, with 2 main objectives - 1. Dedicated rum processing capacity to ensure year-round flexible service of mature rum to packaging with capacity for growth. 2. Management of palletised top fill casks as a separate asset from bilge filled casks, thereby reducing risks associated. This is the first enabling step to reduce the number of double bunged casks from the Maturation cask supply, minimising maturation losses and loss of containment risks.

Booth Welsh was engaged after successfully conducting an initial FEED study and were responsible for the detailed engineering and construction of the facility, as well as managing the site and subcontractors during the construction phase.

The Client

A market leader in premium drinks, with over 200 brands and sales in over 180 countries.

The Solution.

Booth Welsh implemented a comprehensive strategy and plan to meet the client's requirements, which included substantial modification of existing plant and installation of new equipment. The key activities of the solution included:
  • A new Palletised Filling and Disgorging unit for Rum, capturing learning from current systems whilst retaining bilge filling and DU systems for Whisky
  • Changes to Warehouse Racking to accommodate palletised casks
  • Reallocation of Vats to separate the Whisky & Rum systems to a high degree of integrity
  • Reduction capability for Whisky at the Tank Farm vats added flexibility for concurrent operations
  • Additional water capacity and supply
  • Modification to vats and systems for provide water flushing where required, and effluent collection
  • Allocation of a Tanker Bay to Rum with modifications to accept Iso-Tanks (off-loading and filling) and provide water flushing

Multi-Discipline Design  Booth Welsh delivered the complete multi-discipline design, including process, electrical, control, instrumentation, civil/structural and mechanical & piping. Construction Management Booth Welsh acted as the Principal Contractor, ensuring compliance with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM). They managed all aspects of the project on-site, including the permit-to-work system, which ensured controlled and safe execution of work, this also included assisting client with commissioning. Project Management Booth Welsh oversaw the entire project, ensuring effective coordination and timely execution of all project activities, including procurement & planning support.

The Benefits.

New Production Capability: The establishment of the Rum processing facility provided the client with advanced production capabilities, enabling them to meet the growing demands of the drinks industry.

Flexible Production Capacity: The upgraded facility significantly enhanced the client's production capacity, allowing for flexible, multi-product larger-scale operations and improved supply chain capabilities.

Facility Designed for Future Expansion: Booth Welsh's solution was designed with future expansion in mind, providing the client with the ability to scale up their operations as needed, accommodating potential growth and market demands