The Background.

The client required an autonomous and extremely accurate method of spraying a hazardous proprietary polymer product onto medical fabrics.

The Client

Our client is an international Medical Devices manufacturing business.

The Solution.

Fully automated, bespoke 3-axis cartesian robot, able to create a unique product extremely accurately over a very long cycle time. The machine will be used to develop new products for this industry, however will be a working prototype able to be easily customised by the operator to deliver different products, qualities, quantities and even varying product characteristics within a single batch.  The digital twin developed can be used in parallel to test specific spray patters, ensuring no wastage of expensive material and also development of the machine itself for the next full production model. The polymer solution is extremely hazardous prior to drying and the solution ensure no risk to human life, being fully automated and safety interlocked.

The Benefits.

Reduced staffing costs, increased manufacturing capacity (quicker cycle times and change over times), increased quality and overall a safer working environment.

> 60% increase in throughput

>30% savings in energy due to repeatability and customisation

>25 – 30% increase in time to market

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< 6 months ROI