The Background.

Our client selected Booth Welsh to provide a bespoke solution for the project’s Electrical, Control & Instrumentation design and build requirements for the redevelopment of the existing CO2 strategic storage area into a new CO2 storage and supply facility at a UK power station.

The replacement CO2 plant brings an upgraded system design which will provide safe and efficient delivery of cooling CO2 to the reactors via an upgraded ring main. It is required to be seismically qualified and designer and built to the latest standards to serve the station for the entire duration of its lifetime up to decommissioning.

The project involved a multi-discipline approach involving our Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical engineering design team alongside our Construction department’s build and management team. Replacement of the site’s CO2 storage and vaporisation plant comprised of four main parts:

CO2 Vaporiser Steam Supply – CO2 replacement enabling works providing control and monitoring of the new fuel and feed water systems.

CO2 Final Position – Control and monitoring of the replacement CO2 storage and vaporisation systems.

Containerised Boiler Enhancement – Modification to Containerised Boilers ensuring compliance with client specifications.

Enhanced Alarm and Monitoring System – A new CO2 alarm and monitoring system provides operators with enhanced visibility of plant status and alarms both locally to the plant and in the station’s Central Control Room and its related systems.

Design of 34 bespoke panels

Supply output of 965MW to national grid

Engineering Disciplines

Safety Record

The Client

Our client is a South Korean power conglomerate and operates in 38 countries, employing around 43,000 people.

The Solution.

Engineering Design

Taking the client’s outline design to an installed system our engineering team developed the design to detailed status ensuring a fully compliant and functioning system comprising 34 control panels and an extensive field instrumentation network.

Working to a challenging programme Booth Welsh’s engineers finalised latent design issues and reviewed the client’s documentation against the latest standards; where necessary documentation was updated to ensure compliance. The design was then fully detailed to the client’s exacting standards with the control panels built, tested, delivered to site, installed and commissioned.

Electrical & Instrumentation Installation and Testing

Our onsite Electrical & Instrumentation team delivered the installation of the instrument devices and associated small bore pipe work. Carried out commissioning (hot loop testing) of all instrumentation, electrical drives, control & alarm systems and calibration of instrument field devices. Trace heating was also installed and commissioned.

The Benefits.

Flexible, professional engineering design and build service all seamlessly integrated in-house in client-driven timescales.

Close collaboration on site with client ensured any latent issues were identified and addressed ahead of schedule

The in-house approach allowed for a fully-compliant and trouble-free build phase with no interruptions to client operations.

Number 4 encased in dark blue hexagon

Fully installed and successfully completed the system allowed for the plant’s licence extension and continuing generation.