The Background.

Uptime is of key importance to our client as the products they supply do not have an infinite lifespan.

Recently the client has had to react to key items of plant failing prematurely and before any scheduled maintenance was carried out, resulting in unplanned downtime, spoiled product and lost revenue.

With a strong partnership, developed over 15 years, iTech was selected to develop a solution that would enable the client to react well in advance of key equipment failure, but also have a non-intrusive installation process and work well in a very wet and humid environment.

The Client:

Our client is a global dairy supplier with 9 large production facilities in the UK.

The Solution.

A clean and easy to interrogate user interface was deemed essential as was the ability to expand the solution sitewide and then countrywide.

Common reporting was also used to allow senior management to compare asset to asset and site to site.

iTech provided a solution which utilised wireless vibration, current and temperature probes, that could be non-intrusively connected to each asset.  Each site solution can easily connect to all key assets and provide a very flexible top end, depicting specifically what each area and site requires on the selected graphic interface.

The Benefits.

User refined reporting is easily generated, allowing stakeholders the ability to react to the information collated and thus improve equipment availability and uptime.

Equipment and assets more user friendly, therefore increasing efficiency.

Overall reduction in spoiled product and revenue loss.