We’re pleased to introduce Hev, our newest team member who joins us through North Ayrshire Council’s ‘Equal’ programme. This initiative supports individuals with long-term health conditions, disabilities, or those who are neurodiverse, providing them with opportunities to contribute and grow in the workplace. Hev, who uses they/them pronouns, has a strong focus on Net Zero and sustainability, making them a great addition to our team.

Hev’s role at Booth Welsh is integral to our sustainability efforts. They are involved in a range of tasks that support our Net Zero goals, such as collecting and analysing data to help map our carbon footprint. They also provide support across various teams, including environmental, commercial, and engineering, and have taken on tasks that require work with spreadsheets and data manipulation. Hev’s enthusiasm and willingness to get involved has already made a positive impact.

Hev is dedicated to promoting and strategising carbon reduction efforts, and their contributions are helping us move closer to our sustainability targets. In Hev’s own words, “Booth Welsh seemed like a very open and supportive workplace. I am pleased to say that my first impressions were correct. This is a wonderful environment, and I am very comfortable working here. I value employers that value their employees.”

Nyree Cairns, Employment Advisor at NAC commented “As a participant of the Equal programme Hev has always been an extremely enthusiastic client and their amazing analytical skills provided a solid foundation for career progression.  The team at Equal are delighted that Hev has found an employer who will support them to continue to progress and develop in such a fulfilling role”

Alan Caddies Compliance Manager at Booth Welsh added “Our partnership with NAC through the Equal programme has been highly beneficial. It has allowed us to tap into a diverse pool of talent and enhance our sustainability efforts with fresh perspectives. Hev’s analytical skills and commitment have been a great asset to our team.”

We are delighted to have Hev as part of the Booth Welsh team and look forward to providing more updates on their development throughout their placement.

Booth Welsh is committed to fostering a more inclusive culture and supporting all employees. As part of this commitment, and with Hev’s input, we have developed guidelines for our workplace on how to interact with neurodiverse colleagues which you can see below. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have on our team and the wider community.