At Booth Welsh we are always looking for fresh new talent to bring on board. We are continually working to improve our onboarding and recruitment processes and keep our finger on the pulse when attracting new members of the team. Our latest graduates work across EDF sites throughout the country. Although it is a long distance relationship, it is important for the full team to feel part of the business so we caught up with some of our graduates, Reece Thomson, Gareth Samson, Nathan Patel, Chris Heighway and Jonathan Moeckell, to find out a bit more about their various roles within Booth Welsh.

Reece Thomson 

“Since August 2019 I have been working with Booth Welsh within the Special Projects division in line with EDF. I have worked on projects at Sizewell B and now I am involved with the Corrosion Support Team at Dungeness B. My role involves work specification, defect inspections and quality assurance.”

Gareth Samson

“I joined Booth Welsh in January 2020 working as part of the Equipment Reliability Support Team (ERST) at Heysham 1 Power Station. I work with the Protection Electrical Systems (PES) engineering group, where majority of my work involves maintenance/outage optimisation, Equipment Reliability Reviews (ERRs) and providing support on current projects within PES. I also work with the Equipment Reliability Index/Operational Focus Index group to review ERI/OFI scores across the station. I recently created a new tracker for the group that enables them to track and compare the current week’s scores to that of previous weeks and months. This allows trends to be identified with the performance of a specific metric and scores can be compared against the beginning of year forecasts, to see where the station is currently sitting in comparison.”

Nathan Patel

“I currently sit in my original role as a Project Engineer based at Heysham 1 Nuclear Power Station near Lancaster. My role in the Design Engineering office centres around nuclear safety case management; ensuring plant modification proposals are robustly specified so as not to implement changes that would put the station outside of its permitted operating limits. This involves providing engineering judgement on a whole range of things based on accepted engineering standards and site-specific documentation.

Nuclear power stations are incredibly interesting, strange places and the learning curve is steep, but I now feel fairly comfortable with station processes and just how long and detailed some of them are – invaluable experience, I’m sure.”

Chris Heighway

“Since joining Booth Welsh in March I have been working for EDF energy on their Nuclear site Heysham 2 as part of the Engineering Support Team (EST) and I have been focussing on the stations maintenance routines and looking to find areas where the maintenance plan can be optimised alongside this looking to write engineering changes (EC’s) to implement changes to the plant. Although as of the end of September I will be leaving the EST and moving to the Outage Department and will be tasked with looking to reduce the scope of the planned outages.”

Jonathan Moeckell

“I work as an Equipment Reliability Engineer for Booth Welsh situated at Heysham 1 Nuclear Power Station. Working in the SRS (Steam and Rotation Systems) department, I am a member of the corrosion team encapsulating remediation that has been carried out on plant. Furthermore, I work with the other graduate engineers to optimises maintenance routine frequencies, this creates a more efficient maintenance programme which reduces man hours and increases profitability.”


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