“Since the pandemic, I’ve got out of the habit of posting articles and an update is long overdue. There has been some really exciting progress and transformations within our business and our workforce that I’m proud to share.

At the beginning of the year, we took some time out as a company to re-think our purpose. As a team we made a renewed commitment to make a positive impact to our people, the community we operate in, and the planet. I would like to recognise the employees that have dedicated significant time and effort in helping develop this ambition.

Our new co-created strategy spheres focus on balancing people, planet and profit.

Having a clear purpose-led strategy is helping us to better engage with our clients helping us to grow faster and retain our staff who are motivated by the culture we are creating, with a social license to operate. Over 90% of our young people have been through the Fuel Change challenge which allows them to develop critical thinking, problem solving, sustainability awareness and an ‘intrapreneurial’ spirit. This has led to a sense of achievement when things go well and a drive to fix things and building a company that has the resilience to deal with the turmoil in the world today.

We forged close working relationships with our community by providing STEM ambassadors to our local schools and taking part in further education college visits such as HIVE from Ayrshire College. We are also actively investigating and partnering for the development of local energy generation to tackle rising costs and assist in battle against Fuel Poverty.

We have already produced our own audited carbon accounts and recently made a commitment to meet the UN Race to Zero Pledge which focuses on accountability through measuring and reporting our carbon impact to reduce at least 50% of our emissions by 2030.

We’ve found that when we look wider and put people and planet alongside profit, and do the right things, it winds up being good for business. This takes time and we still have a long way to go, but we have started our journey to engage our workforce and clients in our purpose, “through collaboration we engineer a better future”.

On World Sustainability Day, we are looking forward to sharing our Net Zero journey with a group of companies at the impressive HALO in Kilmarnock.