Booth Welsh are proud to announce they have recently signed as a partner for the Siemens XHQ Operations Intelligence software. The innovative system will be an extension of Booth Welsh’s existing control system offering and will accelerate the company’s capability in data intelligence.

On forming the partnership, Engineering Director, Hugh Welsh comments,  

“Becoming a partner for the Siemens XHQ system is a great opportunity and comes at the right time. We are always looking at ways of advancing how we support our clients in today’s complicated world and the XHQ platform simplifies the data challenge that many businesses face today. It ultimately streamlines the data interface for more accurate and efficient decisions to be made which is exactly what our clients are looking for”.  

Against the backdrop of today’s busy information landscape, this innovative system is designed to allow rapid decision-making by creating a single point of access to data from any system across wide geographies. The use of the platform will allow clients to easily gain rich, real time operational insight tailored to their specific needs. It makes information easy to understand and be acted upon based on the simple principle of the right information, in the right hands, at the right time in the right location.  

Siemens is committed to developing comprehensive global partner programs that enable partners to drive innovation and deliver exceptional customer value across multiple industries. Each partner type possesses unique skills, expertise, and value to meet the technology, digitalisation, and solution requirements of today’s customers. 

Frank Czymek, Business Development and Partner Manager at Siemens states that, 

“Having Booth Welsh as a solution partner is strong and a valuable add to Siemens’ solution partner ecosystem. Booth Welsh is using their expertise in engineering and technology for process industries and developing unique solutions using XHQ software. This is a perfect combination to the end-customers, who will be able to accelerate digital transformation and achieve outstanding benefits within.” 

The platform has the potential to be implemented across any industry sector, installed locally, in the cloud or as a hybrid system, it will be tailored to solve plant problems across both Booth Welsh’s wide industry portfolio and their recently acquired brand, iTech.    

Booth Welsh and iTech are currently trialing the use of XHQ within the marine industry, developing a unique solution to manage an operator’s fleet and the key assets within each vessel, thus significantly increasing uptime, enabling structured maintenance, and ensuring asset optimisation.  They are also developing how the solution can be interfaced to a shipboard confined spaces solution.  As the number of operators on each vessel reduces due to automation and digitalisation, the requirement to monitor their location within the vessel increases, especially within confined spaces.  This solution will have a very high impact upon reducing human risk within a confined spaces environment onboard each vessel which implements this solution.  

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