At Booth Welsh, our business growth has enabled us to welcome two new graduates into the Commercial Department. Recognising the importance of investing in their development, we’ve launched a structured training programme based on the RICS framework, set for 2024. This initiative aims to enhance their knowledge and skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for future contributions.

The graduates began with an assignment focused on our Net Zero commitment. They researched and presented on “Incentivising Carbon Reduction with NEC’s X29 Clause,” examining its purpose and key elements such as client change requirements, supplier strategy, and performance metrics. Additionally, they explored ways to incentivise our clients to adopt the X29 clause. Their findings were presented to internal teams and our Net Zero partner, CBN Expert, sparking important discussions on integrating climate change requirements into our contracts.

Elena Welsh, our Commercial Director, stated: “Investing in the next generation of talent is crucial for our growth and sustainability goals. Our Commercial Team plays an important role in this strategy. Activities like these not only raise awareness within our team but also encourage proactive efforts to support our business, clients, and supply chain in achieving Net Zero.”

Kim Mulhern, Quantity Surveyor leading the training programme, added: “Working with our graduates on this has been a great experience. Their fresh perspectives and new ideas are what we need as we tackle our Net Zero objectives. They have already made good contributions, and we are excited to see how they will continue to drive our sustainability efforts forward.”

These discussions offered valuable learning opportunities regarding the environmental impact of the design, construction, and maintenance of assets. As a result, we are better positioned to make decisions that positively affect our environment and the partners we work with.

This initiative aligns directly with our Net Zero strategy, where we are committed to mitigating the vast majority of our emissions and offsetting those that cannot be mitigated. We acknowledge that all businesses will face increasing external pressures due to legislation and rising costs. Therefore, Booth Welsh is determined to act swiftly and decisively to achieve Net Zero, minimising these pressures.