Booth Welsh is proud to announce that they have become corporate pioneers of Ayrshire Hospice Capital Build Project.

The capital build project was launched with the goal of raising £13 million to build a hospice fit for the future that can meet the needs of patients, caregivers, and families in the Ayrshire and Arran communities before the current hospice is deemed unfit for purpose.

Ayrshire Hospice hosted their very own space launch to coincide with the start of the multi- million-pound capital build project, sending a time capsule into space filled with limited edition commemorative souvenirs and memorabilia.

Aimee Doole, Strategy, Communications & Marketing Head commented:

“Booth Welsh has previously supported the Ayrshire Hospice through various fundraising campaigns over the years such as the Ninja Run and Colour Dash, so we are thrilled to be a part of this momentous campaign, which will bring Ayrshire Hospice one step closer to their redevelopment. With Booth Welsh being one of the largest employers within the North Ayrshire community we are always looking to give back where we can. The space launch in particular very much aligns to our future focused and ambitious approach as a business and we were delighted to partner as a corporate pioneer.”

The new build project will allow the hospice to revolutionise the environment, improve the level of care for patients and families, strengthen educational & community access facilities, and provide a hub of expertise, allowing the hospice to reach out to all Ayrshire and Arran residents who wish to remain in their own homes to receive palliative care.


To make a donation to the Capital Build Project follow the link here – Ayrshire Hospice Building The Future – Charity Extra