Booth Welsh is delighted to announce our successful award and inclusion in the new North Ayrshire Council Business Consultancy Framework, for the provision of Digital Transformation consultancy services for the benefit of companies across North Ayrshire.

As an Ayrshire born and based business, Booth Welsh is a longstanding advocate for giving back to our community and supporting fellow local businesses. Along with our ethos of ‘Collaboration over Competition’, Booth Welsh has a strong track record of sharing knowledge and experience in the digital transformation space to help other businesses optimise their operations in a People and Planet-positive way.

Booth Welsh’s Technology Development & Digitalisation department are a skilled and proactive team of engineers with expertise in software development, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architectures, data analytics, energy & emission monitoring, VR & AR modelling, 3D scanning & printing, cyber security, and the complex integration of game engines such as Unity. The team has access to cutting-edge hardware and software applications, allowing us a unique opportunity to apply innovative technologies to our research & development efforts and industrial platforms, ultimately adding value to our project execution and delivery activities.

On achieving the Framework agreement, Booth Welsh Consultancy and Specialist Services Director, Gordon Semple, commented:

“This Framework is a fitting partnership for Booth Welsh, and one we are very proud of. As a North Ayrshire business that was founded in 1989, specialising in engineering, technology development, and integration solutions, we are trusted by both global and local companies to automate, integrate, and streamline the efficiency and planetary impact of their operations. This framework agreement allows us to provide our expertise, training and consultancy to other businesses looking to grow their digital capabilities strengthening and future proofing their business. Our team have a diverse skillset, with backgrounds in everything from games and software engineering to digital security, environment monitoring and forensics. Our mission statement is ‘Through Collaboration, We Engineer a Better Future’, and our successful award further supports this commitment.”

Matthew Strachan, Senior Manager Business Development at North Ayrshire Council commented:

“We are delighted that Booth Welsh have successfully tendered to be part of our Consultancy Framework. Booth Welsh are internationally renowned for their work in digital transformation and we are very lucky that they have a strong commitment to local collaboration. Our wider business base need support on understanding the benefits of digital transformation, embedding new digital technologies and increasing workforce effectiveness and productivity. This formal partnership will allow North Ayrshire business access to emerging technologies and innovation that will help drive growth in the local economy”

Further to our service capabilities, we have access to state-of-the-art technologies and facilities to support businesses on their digital transformation journey. Booth Welsh is an operational partner of the new Digital Process Manufacturing Centre (DPMC), an NMIS sister centre, being hosted within their Head Office facility in Irvine, North Ayrshire.  Scheduled to open in Summer 2024, the DPMC is a digital demonstrator for process and manufacturing businesses and will provide 14 stations demonstrating the capabilities of digital technology. Booth Welsh is providing the consultancy support to NMIS for delivery of all demo stations.

The DPMC will be open to both industry and academia and will provide a strong development link between the two sectors. The centre is targeted at businesses of all sizes, irrespective of where they are on their digital transformation journey.

Booth Welsh is also hosting the Net Zero Accelerator for North Ayrshire companies working alongside Ailsa Reliability Solutions on behalf of North Ayrshire Council. The programme is helping North Ayrshire companies to implement the measurement of digital carbon emission reporting, known as carbon accounts and the creation of carbon reduction plans helping North Ayrshire drive towards its Net Zero targets.

Booth Welsh promotes creative, innovative, and agile ways of working and we encourage you to reach out to North Ayrshire council if you would like to meet with us to learn more about how digitalisation can improve and enhance your business.

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To view Booth Welsh’s full suite of Digital Capabilities, download an overview here:  Booth Welsh Digital Capabilities A4 flyer