Booth Welsh is proud to have its younger generation voice their ideas and promote environmental action in 2021’s in Fuel Change Project. The Fuel Change programme was established specifically to catalyse achieving a carbon neutral future for the next generation, but also designed by the next generation. Fuel Change provides a platform for the younger demographic to become truly involved in considering climate related implications. The method is to inspire young people to develop real low carbon solutions for challenges set by industry through a series of sprints. The outcomes are solutions which can then be adapted and implemented to help transform their own industries and their own futures. 

Two teams of BW apprentices are taking on the Grangemouth Challenge. The Grangemouth Challenge involves a range of challenges set by INEOS in consultation with the Energy Industries Division of the Scottish Government with a focus on specific low carbon solutions. The challenges centre around Grangemouth and aim to address some of the biggest issues we face in terms of transitioning our emissions whilst understanding the economic and social implications. This is particularly fitting as BW have operated at the Grangemouth site, carrying out a number of projects including Control System Upgrades and Design & Installation Services. The challenge will consist of three sprints, kicking off in June and finishing up in October.  

Here are some of the apprentices participating in the Fuel Change challenge

Booth Welsh Operations Manager, Iain Muir, who is supporting the apprentices through their Fuel Change journey, commented,  

This is a really exciting project for the Booth Welsh team to be involved in. Like the tasks outlined to the participants, our business is challenging the way we look at environmental factors and how our services can optimise our client’s business operations whilst aligning to their environmental goals. It is great for the younger talent within our business to see how their Fuel Change projects align to our wider strategy.” 

Booth Welsh are supporting clients with the environmental evolution through their Environment 4.0 offeringwhich focuses on achieving environmental goals and tangible business results simultaneously through the application of cost-effective digital technology. This strategic development in Booth Welsh’s service offering involves collaboration from employees across the entire business and the Fuel Change project is the perfect example of this.