Ayrshire is the Birthplace of Robert Burns and also where Booth Welsh was founded and continues to thrive. We cherish the region’s rich heritage and proud history and our collaboration in 2023 with Irvine Burns Club has been testament to this appreciation. We have utilised our technological expertise to revolutionise the Wellwood museum, transforming it into a dynamic digital platform that celebrates the life and legacy of the famed poet Robert Burns during his time in Irvine. 

This initiative aims to digitise and rejuvenate Burns’ legacy, making it more accessible and engaging, especially for local schools. This use of advanced technology not only preserves Burns’ legacy but also introduces a new generation to his work in a format they are familiar and comfortable with.  By bringing Burns’ works into the digital age, students can experience his contributions in a more interactive and contemporary way, making learning more dynamic and interactive. 

Booth Welsh has employed state-of-the-art digital techniques to create this virtual experience and explored technologies such as photogrammetry, drones, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR). Photogrammetry and drone technology was used to capture detailed images of Burns’ artifacts and manuscripts, creating highly accurate 3D models. These models were used in this application, allowing users to immerse themselves in a virtual environment where they can interact with Burns’ world in a much more accessible way.  

As this partnership continues to evolve, it stands as a strong example of how technology and engineering can extend its reach beyond traditional sectors, making a significant impact in the fields of art and education. The Booth Welsh and Wellwood Museum collaboration is not just about preserving the past; it’s about creating a bridge to the future, where technology and heritage can coexist and enrich each other in meaningful ways. 

Martin Welsh, Booth Welsh Managing Director, commented, 

“This project exemplifies our commitment to preserving and promoting local history, while also showcasing our ability to apply modern technology in creative and impactful ways. We are proud to give back and play a role in enhancing Ayrshire’s cultural legacy, making it relevant and accessible for generations to come. The initial phase has shown the art of the possible and it is exciting to visualise further phases using emerging technology.” 

Angus Middelton, President of Irvine Burns Club, adds, 

“Through the integration of this new technology, the Booth Welsh team have ingeniously crafted a digital historic asset that brings Burns’ story to life in ways we never before thought possible. This compelling new format makes his works and the club’s history accessible to a wider audience. We are very excited to share this new platform with the world in January 2024 as we celebrate the great poet’s Birthday”.

As Robert Burns’ birthday approaches, both parties are looking forward to presenting this transformative platform to the public. This special event will be held at Wellwood Museum, uniting members of the local community, schools, industry and the council in celebration.