The Background.

During major maintenance planned operations (referred to as a statutory Outage within the Nuclear Industry)which take place across all eight UK Nuclear Power stations on an 18 month cycle, a team of Booth WelshEngineers support these Statutory outages by writing Master Maintenance Work Instructions. Approximately14,500 Master Maintenance Work Instructions are required for each outage (these Master Work Instructions cover all Engineering disciplines required on a Nuclear Power Station).

In order to improve efficiency, quality and standardisation Booth Welsh were challenged with reducing thenumber of Master Maintenance Work Instructions by 50%.EDF initiated a project at Heysham1 to install DMA dosing at the site.

Nuclear Power Plants

years client relationship

Master Maintenance Work Instructions per outage

EDF supplies 1/5th of the UK's electricity

The Client: EDF Energy

For more than 20 years, Booth Welsh has had a strong working relationship with EDF Energy which has seen our services being utilised across all eight nuclear power stations in the UK along with their headquarters in Barnwood.

Booth Welsh has provided valued support across a varied range of business areas within EDF-Energy which includeEquipment Reliability, Engineering support for Electrical, Instrumentation & Mechanical disciplines, Outage support, and System Health support, Work instruction authoring, Project support. Booth Welsh has demonstrated flexibility and commitment throughout all these projects.

The Solution.

Booth Welsh reviewed the main Engineering Systems on a Nuclear Power Station with the view of identifying identical equipment across the station and by using Generic Master Maintenance Work Instructions (Generic Project) reduce and standardise the number of Master Maintenance Work Instructions within the maintenance systems.

By implementing the Generic Project any updates to Master Maintenance work instructions (Engineering Changes, Spares, Drawings, Specifications, etc.) areautomatically updated across all identical types of equipment across the Nuclear Power Station.

The Benefits.

Time spent onEngineering MasterMaintenance WorkInstructions hasreduced significantly.

The Quality Standards ofthe Master MaintenanceWork Instructions beingconsistent are ensured

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