The Background.

Project requirement to interface Automated Guided Vehicles with existing site Systems to allow the integration of the AGVs into the facility.  The AGVs were to be put to use in moving palletised materials around the facility on a scheduled and on demand basis.

The Client

Our client is amongst World's largest global pharmaceutical companies.

The Solution.

Interfaces were developed between the AGV controller and the Facility Process Control System for the purpose of visualisation of vehicle location, status and alarm annunciation.  This interface also facilitated the control of automatic doors as required by the AGVs as they moved around the facility.  A bespoke software integration layer  was also developed between the AGV controller and the customer’s MERP System  to allow the scheduling and route planning of the AGV routines. 

The Benefits.

Reduction in need for labour, increased safety in the workplace, High visibility of AGV status, seamless integration, cohesive integrated planning avoiding standalone disparate systems.