The Background.

This pilot plant was used to 'scale-up' and transfer chemical processes (known as a 'technology transfer') from the laboratory environment into the Manufacturing environment. This scale-up and transfer is a critical step in the development pipeline.The production process was split into a number of stages, which were modularised.

The Client.

Our client is amongst World's largest global pharmaceutical companies

The Solution.

The Control System was designed to make the reconfiguration of the plant with the modular stages in a different order easy. Primarily this was done with a smart ‘wizard’ style selection tool to configure the order of the modular process stages. All software was automatically optimized upon confirmation. Physical confirmation of the module locations were built into the system with a plug and socket arrangement to feedback to the control system which module was connected to which other module. Process Analytical Technology was used to measure quality critical parameters at various stages.

The Benefits.

Highly re-configurable manufacturing operations with no code changes required allowing rapid recipe development and prototyping.