The Client

Our client is a global drinks company, which produces many well established brands, operating across 200 sites across 30 countries globally, including distilleries, packaging plants, warehouses and cooperages.

Successfully completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule

Minimised plant downtime to only 2 days

130 system I/O count

Reduced plant downtime to 1 week

The Background

The Client was looking to increase throughput in their bottling hall by increasing filtering capacity and increasing spirit chilling/heating capabilities.

The Solution

Booth Welsh provided software modifications to existing Siemens PCS7 Distributed Control System for new filtration line and manufactured a new IO panel.  We conducted factory acceptance testing of the software and the IO panel at our headquarters.

Client software testing and live loop checking was conducted using a second plant controller, purchased specifically for the project, to minimise the large costs associated with extended plant downtime. Due to this plant downtime was reduced by approximately a week, and greatly reduced the risk to plant operations that would have been inherent in conducting terminations for new field devices in existing live IO panels.

Benefits for Client

  • Our extensive knowledge of the site and business through our long term working partnership
  • Our Siemens solution partner status in obtaining value for money and ongoing support for their PCS7 system
  • Seamless in house panel manufacture
  • Minimising plant downtime to 2 days by utilising a second identical control system, separate from the live site system, and a separate IO Panel, to conduct field IO testing to the new IO panel, without disrupting existing operations
  • Quick project turnaround within 6 months, ahead of time by two weeks and on budget