Meet the management team

Martin Welsh

"I have been Managing Director since 2008 and over the last 25 years I've served in a number of roles supporting John Welsh, our former Chairman, to grow the business. I've watched our business thrive and am very proud of all our achievements. An enviable reputation with our clients remains vital to our success, so I'm always focused on how we can build and improve on what we do for them. I'm very lucky to be well-supported in this by a highly motivated management team and our staff, who always place excellence at the heart of their hard work for our clients."

Gary Mutter

"As Major Projects Director, I oversee a range of diverse and complex engineering solutions including eight nuclear power stations throughout the UK. What we do for these clients is extremely important and requires strong leadership to deliver an efficient but, critically, a very safe solution. For more complicated projects like these, I'm here to make sure everything runs extremely smoothly and proactively avoid problems. I was also appointed Executive Director in 2003 and I am Head of Governance and Compliance for Booth Welsh."

Gavin Florence

"I'm the Systems & Technology Director at Booth Welsh and have worked here for 16 years. My team design and build the clever technology behind all our engineering solutions. We produce the software and documentation for the touchscreens and PC's that make everything run smoothly. My engineers work in the office and all over the world, wherever they're required, to make sure that our projects can be delivered as planned and without complications."

Gordon Semple

"As Design & Engineering Director, I've been at Booth Welsh since 2003 and now manage a full, multi-discipline Engineering Consultancy & Design team (comprising of over 80 engineers) based between our offices and various client sites. Whatever a client needs to physically deliver a project, our highly skilled team, with many years of relevant industry experience, provide the flexibility and commitment required to create an efficient and cost effective solution. My team develops, designs and delivers leading-edge technology project solutions across our core areas of expertise where the client requires it. Our expertise, flexibility and client commitment over the years have underpinned our success and growth as a company in today’s global markets.”